I created Poetic Cantonese Academy Year 1A for complete beginners. Term starts on 10 October 2022 and ends on 9 March 2023 . It includes short lectures, tasks, listening, submitting audio recordings, and catching up with me 7 times. Sign up here.

You are learning from …

Kahei, Hong Kong native, UC Berkeley graduate who based in London. He also learned Spanish, Italian, Swedish, Arabic and Vietnamese who help understand what it takes to learn and teach a language.

Your lesson will look like …

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Your lesson will start with a warm up chat followed by content I have planned for us, in partial Cantonese for beginners and gradually move to full Cantonese as you progress. Or we can work on tasks and topics you would like to focus.

How you will learn and progress

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For 0-6 months, I provide recording audios for you to practice after. From 6-12 months, I will assign more listening and designated vocabulary sets for your level will. My Year 1 (HSK 1&2) & Year 2(HSK3) book is available and Year 3 & 4 book (HSK4) is in the pipeline.

Get in touch if you have a question.

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