Poetic Cantonese Academy

Hi there, I am Kahei. Having taught for years and learned a few languages, I created Poetic Cantonese Academy, to help you get from zero to speaking in Hong Kong in a year.

Year 1A starts on 10 October 2022 and ends on 9 March 2023. Sign up for a spot here

Try week 1’s content for free!

On the course website, go to “preview” tab, then find Unit 1 and you can preview week 1’s lessons.

About Year 1 course

I referred to HSK 1& 2, and created 12 units of content of Sam, an American-born Chinese who is doing her home-coming trip to Hong Kong

An all-in-one-place self-paced course for complete beginners

  • short and concise lectures
  • audio for practice
  • listening quizzes and scripts
  • dedicated Quizlet vocabulary sets
  • catch up with me and exam

Content you will be learning

  • meeting friends & relatives
  • buying drinks & ordering food
  • calling and meeting up with friends
  • speaking about holiday & hobbies
  • bargaining in local markets
  • chatting with taxi drivers

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