Parents’ Testimony

Ka Hei (Adrian) Lo Si is an excellent teacher.  He encourages his pupils to read, write and speak Cantonese by making the lessons fun with his individual style of teaching, using learning games and songs. He is very approachable with the children and they really like him a lot.

My daughter didn’t know much Chinese when she started lessons with Ka Hei. She has learnt a lot of Chinese words this year and a big part of this is thanks to Ka Hei. He really caters his teaching to the individual child. He is very enthusiastic, passionate and energetic, which the children really take to and in turn they become excited about learning from him and want to do well.

We would be really happy to have Kahei as a teacher again and highly recommend him as a tutor or teacher. Whoever has Ka Hei as a teacher will be very lucky as he will go above and beyond to help you achieve your goals and targets.

Thank you Ka Hei for being an excellent teacher to my daughter this year.

Leah, Parent
June 2018


We have been using Adrian’s Cantonese tutoring for a few months now for our 5 year old twins. I think he’s got a very fun and firm style of teaching. He can control the situation if the kids gets bored as well as engage all the kids equally so every child is included and interacts. Adrian uses a variety of teaching methods which keeps the kids entertained. Also the kids love him and his sense of humor which in my opinion is the most important thing. Adrian has good manners and communication skills.  His prices are fair, and his timekeeping is great. I would highly recommend him

Vanessa, parent
September 2019


Kahei has been employed as a Chinese Language Teacher at the Chinese Independent School of Tower Hamlets since January 2018. He is currently teaching Cantonese Year 1 in this academic year; his students are between 4 to 6. He planned all his lessons in advance which were fun and involves a wide range of activities such as story time, singing, writing Chinese characters, celebration of festivals and special days etc. The curriculum enables children raise their interest in learning about the Chinese language and culture at an early age, but most of all to enhance their communication skills to have the confidence to express themselves with Chinese language, which is the main goal that he has always aim and managed to achieve.

He is a high-energy self-starter who quickly assumes responsibility and is not afraid to face new challenges and situation. He gets along well with all his colleagues, his students and parents, as he stand a good role model to their children. He received many compliments from parents as the methods he used to teach his students worked out really well. Parents have commented their children as young as 4 are able to recognize and write Chinese characters without looking at the learning materials

Through my careful observation, the way he carried out the task and outcomes of his performance, he exhibited excellent leadership and have a very strong organisation and communication skills. Furthermore, his outstanding performances have been recognized by the School management and he was nominated as one of the six Jack Petchey’s  Young Achiever Award in 2018.

Maggie Tsui, Headteacher, Chinese Independent School of Tower Hamlets
November 2018


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