London Group Session

Dear parents,

I started teaching children Cantonese in November 2017 when I became a Year 1 Cantonese Teacher at Chinese Independent School of Tower Hamlets. I truly enjoy 1) teaching itself and 2) teaching Cantonese.

I boiled down to using games to encourage children to speak Cantonese. I also use elements of music (with my singing, guitar and piano knowledge) and art for my sessions.  In brief, I want your children to have fun while learning.  Parents and Headteacher will tell you more about their experience working with me.

Group sessions are usually 2-6 people. All my groups are from 5 to 12 years olds. Level varies, but I try to put children of similar age and level together.
Here are my group sessions:

6:15 pm Shepherd’s Bush

4 pm Blackheath
(open for 2-4 more children, 4-7 years old, able to understand, can speak some)

4 pm High Barnet
(open for 1-3 more children, 5-7 years old, able to speak some and need vocabulary building)

4 pm Newbury Park


9 am Ealing 1
(open for 2-3 more children, 5-7 years old, beginners)

10:30 am Ealing 2
(open for 2-4 more children, 7-10 years old, fluent speakers, working on reading and writing)

2 pm Enfield (full)
4 pm Southgate
(open for 2-4 more children, 5-7 years old, able to speak quite fluently and need vocabulary)

9.30 am Orpington (full)
12 noon Bexley (full)

Contact me if you are interested in joining one of the session, or if you would like me to host one.