London Group Session

Updates on 2 April:
Due to the current circumstances of the outbreak of virus, I have moved all my classes online at the moment. Send me a message if you would like to join one of my group lessons or want me to start one for you.

Dear parents,

I started teaching children Cantonese in November 2017 when I became a Year 1 Cantonese Teacher at Chinese Independent School of Tower Hamlets. I truly enjoy 1) teaching itself and 2) teaching Cantonese.

I boiled down to using games to encourage children to speak Cantonese. I also use elements of music (with my singing, guitar and piano knowledge) and art for my sessions.  In brief, I want your children to have fun while learning.  Parents and Headteacher will tell you more about their experience working with me.

Group sessions are usually 2-6 people. All my groups are from 5 to 12 years olds. Level varies, but I try to put children of similar age and level together.
Here are my group sessions:

Currently classes opening:

(open for 1-2 more children, 4-7 years old, able to understand, can speak some)

Contact me if you are interested in joining one of the session, or if you would like me to host one.