London Group Lesson

Level 1- Complete beginners (12-week)
You do not need any prior knowledge to join this class. You will be speaking Cantonese after first week of lesson and be able to hold simple conversation with Cantonese speakers. You will be building foundation on working towards level 1.5, where you should be able to travel in a Cantonese-speaking city.

Level 1.5- Beginners Continuation
This is perfect for you if you have completed my Level 1 course. We will build on our foundation and learn practical vocabularies.

Level 2- Intermediate
You speak Cantonese at home but are not confident speaking it. Level 2 class will run as workshop. Every week I will cover specific topics, such as measure words (classifiers), difference between spoken and written Cantonese (how Cantonese speakers change usage of words depending on degree of formality), sentence structures, 6 or 9 Tones, songs, etc.

Level 3- Advanced
You are conversationally fluent but struggle to understand formal Cantonese. We will focus on analyzing scripts of TV shows, news reports, etc. We will also be dissecting Cantonese grammar. It would be perfect if you have completed GCSE Cantonese.

Level 1- Beginners (Updates: cancelled)
24 Sep – 10 Dec 2018 (12 weeks)

Upon completion of the course, you should be able to
1)  Speak Cantonese and hold basic conversation after practicing with sets of conversation
2) Ask “what does that mean” if you do not understand
3) Ask “How do I say e.g. “apple” in Cantonese?” to build new vocabulary related to yourself
4) Ask “can you speak slower” or “can you repeat?” if you struggle to catch up
5) Have basic grasp of Cantonese and progress by speaking to native speakers or using other medium, e.g. watching videos.


1) Lots of hands-on practice opportunity

People don’t learn well from traditional language class because they never have the chance to practise. Therefore, 50% of the course will be dedicated to practice. We focus on sets of conversation with commonly used Qs and As for each conversation for the first half of class, and will practise on the second half. You will learn how to ask these questions and how to respond in different possible ways.

2) Recording

For each set of conversation, I will send you a recording for practice. I have used this type of recording (30 minutes per day for 1-3 months on and off) to get my Spanish good enough to work at a hostel in Ecuador.   Ideally, you will spend 10 minutes per day during the week to practise over it. Recording is designed to have you come up with a particular phrase in Cantonese after I speak it in English, or to respond to a Cantonese question.

Message me on “contacts” page and I will send you a course outline.

Level 2- Intermediate (Reading and Writing)
Tentative: Saturday 10:00- 11:30, starting TBD 2018 
Location: Central London TBD

Send me a message to reserve a spot. I am also available for private lesson in London and via Skype.