I offer in-person individual or group lessons for conversational Cantonese and traditional character training. I plan to conduct Skype lessons starting the first season of 2018.

(Updates October 2017: accepting students starting the first season of 2018. Drop me a line and I will give you an update.)

I use a secret method to help students achieve Cantonese fluency: recordings. Having taught 130+ hours of private Cantonese lessons, I put Cantonese into context and real-life conversation that you can easily apply. Within conversation, I integrate the 6 Cantonese tones, so that you can apply and practice immediately with a framework.

For every lesson, I take 10 to 15 minutes to make recordings over what we covered for reviewing.  The way the recordings are structured will train your brain to coming up with Cantonese and responding to a Cantonese question. This method has proved to be highly effective by my past students.

I tailor classes depending on your background and levels. I wrote up daily Cantonese conversation, used Cantonese songs, and simulated business telephone conversation as teaching materials. My students all come from different background:  half-Chinese Mom looking to reconnect with her grandparents, and Mandarin speakers who wishes to extend her Cantonese vocabulary for business use.

Not sure where you are at? You may find yourself falling into one of these groups:

1. Beginners: Mandarin-speaking 
You are a native Mandarin speaker, may or may not understand Cantonese, but never spoken any Cantonese or taken any Cantonese classes.

2. Intermediate: Mandarin-speaking 
You are a native Mandarin speaker, has some exposure to Cantonese from family or TVB shows, grasped basic conversational Cantonese but struggle with tones and converting Mandarin expressions into Cantonese.

3. Beginners: Non-Chinese speaking/ foreign-born Chinese
You are a complete Cantonese beginner with no/ little previous Chinese background or knowledge.

4. Intermediate: Non-Chinese speaking/ foreign-born Chinese
You have some degree of exposure to Cantonese (1-5 years) either from your family or classes you have been taking. You may or may not be able to read Chinese, but you can understand Cantonese more than you can speak, and struggle to convert ideas into spoken Cantonese. You may also find tones and Cantonese expression difficult to master.

5. Advanced Cantonese
You want to take your Cantonese to a native speaker level, but struggle with  mastering Cantonese grammar, expression, sentence order, tones, ending particles, Cantonese culture, and Cantonese slang. You may also be looking to improve your traditional Chinese writing.

6. Traditional Chinese characters training
For beginners, intermediate, or advanced learners, who is interested in learning traditional Chinese characters

Each class usually last for 1.5 hours, or 2 hours. I am based in SE London and happy to travel. Available weekday evenings and weekends.

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